I thought I'd start off with my work environment.  Because I live in Toronto, and I am not a billionaire, I live in a small apartment.  Actually, I shouldn't complain since I am living aboveground, whereas if I was single, I would definitely be a mole person.  Underground.  In 400 square feet.  For $800/month.  Come to think of it, mole people probably had it better, what with their large network of tunnels and sense of community.  Sorry, I didn't mean to go off on a tangent, but I might as well prepare you now for a segment I like to call "I should probably get a day job".  Anyway, here's the set-up:

Here's the desk I primarily work on.  I have my drawing board, pastels,  colored pencils, and view of Ossington subway station for those times when I want to watch people enter illegally or be drunk publicly.

This is my tool drawer that is packed with pastels, pencils, pens, and rubber bands (??).

If I look to my right, this is generally what I'll see.  It's a cat.

AuthorJessica Iraci